Gerald V. Ryan, Audience Member

"Every performance was inspiring.  My words can never express the beauty that I saw in the love that all dancers expressed in their dancing."

Lourdes Ramano - Jana, Director, Sayaw Dance Company

"Well managed, everyone made everyone comfortable.  The venue is great..."

Sarah Purvis, Erie Dance Conservatory Company

"I thought it was a huge success and wonderful that dance organizations could come together to celebrate dance."

Tauna Hunter, Artistic Director, Mercyhurst Dancers

"I appreciated every opportunity I have to choreograph, but especially this time as a tribute to the founder of our organization.  It was also an amazing experience to be able to bring our dance community together and to work with so many talented and amazing people."

Mary Ellen Dahlkemper, Stairways Behavioral Health

“…pleasantly surprised and impressed with the quality of dance programming in Erie. We were actually blown away by the creativity and diversity of the program overall. … It was great to see the PAC filled with families - truly one of the most diverse gatherings of people I have ever seen at Mercyhurst College - age, race, ethnicity, gender, etc - you covered it all!”

Doug Reider, Erie Times News Showcase;

“Really nice job on the dance festival…It's amazing to see so many fine dance groups and dedicated dancers in our area…”